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bamboolib helps you wrangle & explore your data and create custom visualizations without digging through StackOverflow. All inside your Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab. Here are some feature highlights:

The 4 typical customers of bamboolib.
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Python Data Scientist

You are an experienced Python Data Scientist who is proud to always use the fastest and most powerful tools. Always trying to get more insights and better models in less time.

Manager / Team Lead

You are a manager who wants to empower both technical and non-technical employees to create reproducible data analyses on top of Python - the most popular and powerful Data Science platform.

Migrating Data Scientist

You previously worked with R, Stata, SPSS or matlab and want to seamlessly migrate to python without wasting half your day on StackOverflow.

Business User

You are a non-technical business user or researcher and want to independently create your own reproducible data analyses without writing code.

The benefits of bamboolib


90% less working time

  • Focus on what you want to do instead of how you do it
  • No more digging through StackOverflow
  • Use your keyboard or mouse – whatever is fastest

Easy to use

  • Quick onboarding with minimal learning curve
  • Find all features via an intuitive search bar
  • Created by professional Data Scientists

100% compatible and flexible

  • Seamless integration into your existing working environment
  • Work from within Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab
  • Live code export for reproducibility and full customization

Private, secure, local

  • All your data remains private and secure
  • Use it on your local machine without the need for cloud access
  • Satisfies the requirements of your IT department

What our users say

I really enjoy bamboolib and I find it very useful. I feel that you can save a lot of time both as a new pandas user as well as an experienced user such as myself. bamboolib speeds up the initial exploration of new data.
Linus Roxbergh
Data Scientist
bamboolib is transforming the way we analyze experimental data, allowing everyone on our team to quickly wrangle highly complex datasets in a reproducible manner. Along the way it also teaches best practices to novice coders and avoids wasted time digging through online forums. This is the missing link that we've been waiting for to move our analytics workflows out of spreadsheets without sacrificing speed or flexibility.
Will DeLoache
Co-founder and CSO
Novome Biotechnologies
You have no idea how much bamoboolib helped me with data analysis. I'm currently developing a Deep Learning model for Antimicrobial Peptides. The data we use to train our models is highly dimensional. Data visualization is key in our project, and writing extensive lines of python code only for data manipulation is consuming a lot of our time. Since we started using bamboolib, the data manipulation part of the project is now optimized. Thank you.
Marco Antônio Occhialini Filho
Instituto Butantan

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