Wrangle, Explore & Visualize your Data in Minutes

With the Full Power and Flexibility of Python

Semantic auto-completion for pandas

With bamboolib, you focus on what you want to do in pandas instead of how you do it. You can use bamboolib in the environment you are already familiar with: Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab.

Interactive UI

bamboolib let’s you interact with your pandas DataFrame.

Easy data transformation & exploration

bamboolib makes it easy to explore and wrangle your data without getting lost in the code. It will save you at least 12 hours of wrangling and exploration time per month.

Filter Rows with Full Keyboard Support

bamboolib is keyboard first. That means that you can use the keyboard to search transformations and to navigate through them, making you blazingly fast when you are used to working with the keyboard! However, using the mouse is possible as well.

Aggregate Data

With bamboolib, you get an intuitive interface and full column and function auto-completion. This makes you way faster than typing the pandas code yourself.

With bamboolib, you can do much more

Live Code Export

bamboolib writes the Python code for you so you can reproduce all your steps and use the code in production. You can even use bamboolib to learn pandas syntax.

10x faster Data Exploration and Visualization

Creating meaningful visualisations for exploratory data anaysis is time consuming and repetitive. bamboolib provides great default visualisations out of the box. Each visualisation adjusts to the datatype at hand.

Univariate summary

See the most important information for a given data type.

Bivariate relationships

bamboolib automatically chooses 1 or multiple suitable plots.

Find predictors

Quickly determine the best features for predicting your target column.

Save visualizations for later

If you like a visualization, you can copy its code and create your own report.


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